Friday, December 22, 2006


This fairy is painted in acrylic and looks much better in real life. The wings glitter in the daylight (and night) and the dress shimmers with gold and silver paint.

Santa's Hat

Santa's hat is drawn on Mi-Tentes with polys and prismacolour (approximately six layers).

Saturday, December 16, 2006


A watercolour of Venice. Not one of my favourites because of the colours, but nevertheless it's complete and on to the next one.


Another art class project. This is one of my all time favourites paintings of mine to date. I adore the colours in the shading - very little brown to be seen here. Although the colours may not be representative of nature, the yellows and purples add such a pretty contrast.


Another art class "group" project. A waterfall, somewhere in New Zealand. I'm not happy about the brownish water (although the photo had brown water) but think I have "mastered" the rocks. Guess I could have been a bit adventurous and changed the water colour. This is not a picture I chose to paint therefore I found the commitment very difficult

Chinese Fowl

I loved doing this one and experimenting. I flicked masking fluid onto the background and then did a wash. At the end I also flicked ink at the bottom of the painting to representing feed. The rooster has very long legs, but apart from that I am quite pleased with this fun watercolour.


Had lots of fun doing this one in art class. We splattered gold acrylic all over the finished painting and even wrote our signature in gold paint (albeit I was a bit apprehensive about the splattering, but once I got the hang of it there was no stopping me). I wouldn't mind at all doing a botanical series using similar techniques.


Another watercolour completed at art class. I enjoyed painting this one however I wish I could get away from the "browns". It seems to be a safe colour for me. Nevermind, my next painting will be a bright one, I PROMISE!


Once again the scanning is not good. This is another watercolour, of a farm (no where in particular). It's a bit "yellowy" for my liking, but that is the effect required.

Clifton Springs

This is the result of a Helen Cottle workshop. She is an extremely talented watercolourist. The painting is of Clifton Springs, near Geelong. It is a watercolour from a photo. The photo was beautiful however it's not an appealing subject to me. I added the boat for a bit of interest. Still having problems scanning my paintings (I don't seem to have a problem scanning other pieces of work, just paintings).

Spring Daffodils

I think most people like daffodils. This is a watercolour dones for Inspire Me Thursday and One Step Further.

Red Bluff

This is another watercolour. I went to the beach where I grew up, southern suburbs of Victoria, and took a photo of Red Bluff and then painted the picture at my art class. I entered this in my first art show this year (2006) and it did nothing! Nevermind, I was still quite excited about entering it.

Flock of Gulls

A watercolour painting which, whilst simple, I think is very effective. I painted this in my art class. This was my second entry into an Art Show (Sunbury Agricultural Show) in 2006 and it won first prize! I was over the moon

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here is my first real pencil drawing I did for Wet Canvas


Another group project in Art Class. This is the city skyline from Williamstown beach. I was trying to achieve a "hazy" effect. The boats are a bit suspect, I guess I may have to study the anatomy of a boat.


A newly completed countryside watercolour. I am very unhappy about the paper, whilst 300gsm, it buckled. I really do like the sizing of the picture (which made it hard to stitch together).


This is from one of my all-time favourite Dr Who episodes (not sure of the title). The episode was full of wonderful "Oods", not to mention the "devil" which was a superb looking creature. This is painted with colour pencils, derwents and prismacolors.

City Scene

A group project, a city (supposedly Melbourne) scene this time with people - my first attempt at drawing people with watercolour.

Bacchus Marsh

Another Art Class project and another water scene. I really like how the reflections turned out in this watercolour. However, perhaps I should have added more values to the mountain range.


But wait, yes another art project. I've titled this one "Lake". I really didn't want to do this - the original looked washed out as does this painting. There's not much more I can do with it.

Cow in Tree

One of the most unusual pieces of artwork, yet brilliantly spectacular. The "Cow in the Tree" is located in Southbank, Victoria. An inner suburbian/metropolitan locate on the Yarra River. This is drawn in colour pencils.

Long Necked Gal

My first drawing with twinkling H20s - I adore the sheen they produce.